Top Front Kurti Neck Designs to Try Out

Are you bored of wearing the same old kurtis with round necklines? If you are looking to add a touch of uniqueness and elegance to your ethnic wear collection, look no further than Jaipuri Adaah. It is your one-stop destination, where you can find different front kurti neck designs that amp up your style quotient. 

From classic to contemporary, different neck designs provide various options matching your taste and preference. We all know that kurtis are an indispensable part of every woman’s wardrobe. Its overall design and fabric have a crucial role in offering style and comfort to women, but the neck design can create a BIG difference in enhancing the overall look of this traditional wear. 

By opting for unique front kurti neck designs, you can add a distinct touch to your ethnic wear collection. So, let’s go on a fashion journey with this comprehensive guide and inject some style into your wardrobe by learning about different kurti neck designs.

8 Types of Neck Designs in Kurti:

* Round Neck 

Kurti Neck Type

Round neck kurti is a classic neck design that you can never go wrong with. Even though it is simple in design, you can check for various options that feature embellishments for decoration or have additional embroidery. Kurtis with round neck design bestow a simple yet classy look, and you can wear such kurtis at different times, like casual outings, events, or other casual occasions.

* Keyhole Neck 

Kurti Neck Type 2024

With a captivating keyhole neck design, kurtis strike the perfect balance between allure and simplicity. If you wish to highlight your neckline, a kurti with this neck design is ideal! 

This type of neckline is an excellent choice for evening parties or events. The small yet impactful keyhole neck design adds a playful touch to kurtis. Wearing keyhole neck kurtis will let you showcase your unique style without sacrificing elegance and comfort. 

* V-Neck 

V-neckline, also sometimes referred to as plunging neckline, is one of the popular front designs for kurtis. This neck design offers a flattering look regardless of the body type. 

This neckline adds a hint of glamor to your traditional ensemble. It is a classic choice that lets you showcase your neck accessories in style. You must take care of sleeve length when buying a V-neck design kurti, which will significantly impact your overall appearance. 

* Mandarin Collar

Kurti Neck Type

Mandarin collar kurtis offer a stylish fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. This neck design features a high neck with a collar. 

You can wear kurtis with this neckline for casual and formal events. You can skip accessorizing when wearing this type of kurti and keep your look simple by wearing it with suitable bottom wear. 

* Scoop Neck

Kurtis with scoop neck design offers a laid-back casual look. This neckline is not broad, but its cut is deeper than the usual round neckline. Such kurtis are easygoing and versatile, making them ideal for everyday wear. This neckline looks simply perfect on A-line kurtis. 

You can pair such type of kurtis with jeans, leggings, or churidar. The beauty of this neck design is its ability to flatter different body types as it creates an elongating effect on the neck and showcases the collarbone in style. Kurtis with this neckline is suitable to be worn for all types of occasions. 

* Surplice

Kurtis with surplice neck designs are tied or cinched at the waist. This neckline is similar to a V-neck design, but its stitching is not identical to a V-neck design. This type of kurti is best for people with a fuller bust and curvy shape, as it helps them look like they have an hourglass figure. 

This neck design is versatile and often found in blouses, tops, and dresses. Its cross-over design adds a touch of visual interest and gives an adjustable fit. Whether going for a casual gathering or a formal event, surplice neckline kurtis will add flair and style to your personality. 

* Pentagon

Kurti neck Type

Kurtis, with a pentagon neckline, introduces a touch of subtle geometry and elegance into your ethnic wear collection. It features a five-sided shape similar to a pentagon. This neck design adds a distinct and contemporary flair to your kurti. The best thing about this neck design is that it draws attention to the neckline while maintaining a decent look. 

This distinct neck type allows for creative style, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate fashion with a hint of subtle elegance. Whether heading to a social function or a casual outing, kurtis with this neckline will bestow you with an alluring appearance.

* Scalloped

Kurti neck Designs

Kurtis with a scalloped neckline adds charm and sophistication to your personality. It is defined by a series of smoothly curved edges that resemble a scallop shell. This neck design bestows a delicate and feminine allure to the wearer. 

It is popular in casual and formal wear because it brings a soft and intricate pattern to the forefront of your outfit. Whether stitched on a top, blouse, or dress, the scalloped edges effortlessly create an elegant frame for your neckline. It draws attention to the collarbone. 

Wrapping Up

To summarize, different types of neck designs in kurti let you dress up in different bottoms for various occasions. When buying kurtis, consider neck design, occasion, comfort, and the type of bottom wear you can pair it with. The necklines mentioned in this blog are ideal for updating your ethnic wear collection with kurtis featuring different neck designs.

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